Hello everyone, 

Our new site is here, and we hope you love it! We are the kinds of people who change up our furniture layout every few weeks, so having that kind of trait means that we change up our website quite often as well. We are really happy with this one, however, and hope that it will stick around for the long haul! 

As you can see, we are now running everything under the nautical studios website. Promises we keep will soon cease to exist. This is to make everything a bit more simple and straight-forward. No more hopping from one site to the other!

While we've got you here, we may as well announce that we'll soon be moving to a new studio space! It's located in the same glorious building that we're in right now, its just in a different area. 

We absolutely love the old floors, brick walls, old windows, old beams, old everything! We are suckers for old stuff, which is why when we saw this space was becoming available, we jumped on it as soon as we could.

This blog will be updated weekly to keep you up to date with what we have going on. 

Thanks for stopping by,



Our corner!

Our corner!