I was straight up passing away on this wedding day! I’m a softy for radical, non conventional days and this was one of my favourites. Maddy & Craig woke up together, made pancakes, listened to their wedding playlist, and just hung out and enjoyed the morning of their wedding day together. They did a lil’ first look and then helped one other finish getting ready. Once they were good to go, we hopped into my car and drove around Hamilton taking photo’s for the afternoon. The first spot we hit up was their own store, Lea Wood Co. It’s one of the dopest stores in the city where they sell handmade items, all of which are made by them! From there, we stopped at random walls and wooded areas and the finished at Aberdeen Tavern where they walked down the aisle together and got married in front of their closest family and friends. It was such a peaceful and disgustingly fun day. Also, they had burgers on their menu…so yeah - unreal.