My life is fields and forests and so doing an entire shoot, without moving more than a few steps, with only a floor (albeit a dope ass floor) and a white wall definitely had me sweating (more than usual). It was unbelievably fun to be forced into focussing on the couple, and only the couple for the entire session. The two main things I learned from this shoot are 1: these two are unreal and made this easy on me and 2: that slowing down, stopping, and thinking is ok. I'm definitely more of a hyper personality when I'm shooting and this definitely opened my eye's to just slowing it all down and making sure I'm getting the shot that I want. When taking a moment, I also remembered things like "oh dude, double exposure maybe?" or "lay on your back to take a few shots, ya dink" which are things I always want to try out but never do! Anyways, Hope you like them and a MASSIVE thank you to Annabelle Moore (@cityinstills on instagram) and David!!

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