Lindsay was one of the first people I worked with when Nautical Studios started out of the Cotton Factory in Hamilton. That feels like forever ago! I was so stoked when Lindsay contacted me with news of her engagement and that they wanted me to shoot their wedding. I had already done about 4 sessions with them so I knew without a doubt this wedding would be ridiculously fun. 

Linds and Darryl’s faces must have been numb by the end of the night because the only time they weren’t smiling is when I told them not to. Right after the ceremony we headed towards the lake and although it was rainy and cold, that didn't stop us! Once we finished up by the lake and got back to Geraldo’s, the sun had basically set but we decided to snap some more by a nearby forest to grab a few more shots - These ended up being my favourite of the day! The leather jacket, darkness of the forest, and pop or Darryl’s boutineer and Lindsay's eyes really made for some wicked shots. 

The guests at this wedding partied. hard. It was one of the craziest and most hilarious reception dances I’d ever been apart of and I easily could have shot it all night. I can’t remember why those masks and wigs happened though?!